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Lakota Solar Enterprises (LSE) is a Native American-owned renewable energy company on the Pine Ridge Reservation that manufactures and installs solar heaters. Through the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC), LSE trains others to do the same in their tribal communities. The heaters, which cost about $2,000 installed, provide supplemental heat and significant savings for low-income families. RCREC, with support from the non-profit Trees, Water & People, has provided hands-on training to more than 150 Native Americans from all over the US, and more than 1,400 of the solar heaters have been installed.

Trees, Water & People is committed to improving people's lives by helping communities to protect, conserve and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends. We believe that natural resources are best protected when local people play an active role in their care and management.

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) announced the winners of its 2010 Innovation Awards recently. One of the well-deserving turned out to be Lakota Solar Enterprises, a renewable energy company owned entirely by Native Americans. Jeanne of CalFinder Solar reports:

Lakota Solar Enterprises (LSE), located on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, is one of the nation's first 100% Native American-owned and operated renewable energy companies. Founded in 2006 by Pine Ridge resident Henry Red Cloud, with nonprofit partner Trees, Water & People, Lakota Solar Enterprises offers many services, including:

The  White  Earth  Land  Recovery  Project  (WELRP)  has  partnered  with  Lakota  Solar  Enterprises,  and 
Trees, Water & People to host a solar air heater installation training April 30-May 4 on the White Earth
Reservation.  This  5-day  course  will  offer  students  the  chance  to  learn  how  to  assemble  kits  for  solar 
air heaters, as well as participate in hands-on solar air heater installations on White Earth Reservation
homes. Enrollment in the course comes at no cost to participants.

“...working  with  Red  Cloud  Renewable  Energy 
Center was a great opportunity to learn about
the new ways to create energy.”