medicine turtle born Feb 14, 1970, in the Cherokee mountains near Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. medicine turtle is  a family with Loretta Webb who also known as

Loretta Lynn who is also Cherokee. “Queen of Country Music country music legend.

medicine turtle birth name is medicine spears but he used the name medicine turtle to avoid any controversy,

with family members after the name was given to him

in tribal ceremonies by a medicine man. names commonly change for Native Americans many tribe members has a few different names depending on life


from birth to the age of 18 years old medicine turtle

received training by his grandmother and other tribal elders

in Cherokee medicine and midwife ing.

not long after medicine turtle 18 birthday he married

the daughter of a Cheyenne medicine man and began

training with his wife father that was a Cheyenne medicine man.

medicine turtle grandmother is full blood Cherokee from

the era of the trail of tears. medicine turtle father an Irish


Irish druid from Ireland Irish druid priest  Druid Celtic society spiritual leader.  Druid spiritual tradition is from 50,000 years ago and is found in caves in Europe.

medicine turtle live in the caves in  Kentucky like

his father family in Europe and the Cherokee in Kentucky

and North Carolina.

medicine turtle father taught medicine turtle the (magician, a sorcerer of the Druid Celtic

Druid religious leaders are deep in medicine

and the stars, earth, and gods powers.

The lineage of being both from Druid and Cherokee

blood made a strong assumption to both drops of blood lines

of medicine turtle family that he makes a great medicine man. 

the Cherokees family and tribal leaders communities decided to give medicine turtle permission and authority

of being the Cherokees healer and medicine man after 18 years of training by elders and family of the Cherokees tribe.

medicine turtle father trained the medicine turtle in the art

of magician, a sorcerer of the Druid Celtic.

it was not until The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993  that we were able to practice the Cherokee medicine openly.

our ceremonies and teachers and elders remained hid

with us in the woods, because it was a heavy criminal

charge to practice our Cherokee medicine until 1993

openly in public. religious persecution from church and us government lasted long after 1993 and some places

still exists today.

medicine turtle spirit name given to him by him has a gift from his father in law of Cheyenne medicine man father law is turtle fire Walker .Wallace "Mad Bear" Anderson was a Tuscarora medicine man named medicine turtle with  the fire winds meaning turtle winds firewalking 

Mad Bear" Anderson and medicine turtle and family

were very close contact. 

Mad Bear" Anderson also helped with the arrangements

with other tribal elders that medicine turtle gain deeper

training to set the path for intertribal medicine man.

the names giving to medicine turtle by tribal leaders

and elders causes many  controversies with Europeans

who have no understanding how native spiritual and cultures works in the gift of a name by the tribal elders

but each name was given to medicine turtle with an honor

and blessing from tribal elders. I explain it now in a traditional way how names are giving of names

each name is a prayer and honor.

medicine turtle was not the only Cherokee to deal with

controversies. Mad Bear is a member of the Bear Clan of the Tuscarora Nation of the Six-Nation Iroquois Confederacy of the United States and Canada and a

medicine man and was good friends with medicine turtle

another teacher Cherokee medicine man Rolling Thunder all three of us dealing with much of the same


living in a world where traditional native medicine of North American Indians is not so widely accepted .

in the modern day society.


Rolling Thunder Cherokee was a teacher and a trusted friend of Medicine turtle

rolling thunder father in law is medicine turtle adopted

Lakota father  EYE TUWE SLO WAYA 

EYE TUWE SLO WAYA  birth name 

rolling thunder gave EYE TUWE SLO WAYA  the name

he who knows has a gift for marrying his daughter, Carmen


EYE TUWE SLO WAYA  medicine turtle adopted

father was born on the Pine Ridge and his a member

of the Ogalala Lakota born on pine ridge in tipi in 1929

he over 90 years old and  a descendant of Sitting Bull

EYE TUWE SLO WAYA Ogalala Lakota medicine man

as medicine turtle teacher and adopted son

medicine turtle went school in one room school house

in Kentucky and Cherokee reservation and studied medicine

by mountain man that led to a degree in science medicine 

medicine turtle joined the army shortly after the invasion of Grenada  has a military medicine student  advancing

his medical knowledge beyond that of traditional Indian

medicine that he had learned after 20 years with the help of 

medicine men and woman  growing up in the traditional and cultural ways of the American Indian 

after a short tour of duty in us army medicine turtle

returned back to the Cherokee mountains 

after returning back from Grenada from us army tour of

like most soldiers, medicine turtle found it hard to get

any sort of work in states

having family and deep roots in country music

medicine turtle turned a few years of his life to the stage

with the help of his family members Loretta Lynn

opening a few doors and his nature good country voice

medicine turtle started in the road of country music

but all the time knowing that my duty in his life

was traditional Indian medicine 

the music business was not so easy.

Dwight Yoakam is friends and nearby neighbor 

Of medicine turtle family, both shares ride and few stages.  Bluegrass Legend Dr. Ralph Stanley

hosted medicine turtle at many of his music events

Bluegrass Legend Dr. Ralph Stanley was a lifelong friend with medicine turtle grandmother and great grandmother 

and Dr. Ralph Stanley  helped Obama  win the state

of VA that put Obama  in the office of the president

of the United States.

medicine turtle was never happy with leaving

native American medicine behind in his life

so he made a decision to end his country music

career and become a public service to the community

and live a life helping others 

heated discussions took place that medicine turtle

should use his native name in order to avoid public

controversies to his family and friends in the country

music business.

therefore medicine turtle kept a low profile in the country

music industries  rarely making any public appearance

on the many music stages, he once performed on

other than a rare  stop

all of this with  the turtle in his twenties